Created in 1987, the S.O.F.C.E.P. is a learned society bringing together qualified surgeons in “Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery” by the National Council of the Order of Physicians (180 boulevard Haussmann – 75389 Paris Cedex 08 – Tel: 01 53 89 32 00 – Fax: 01 53 89 32 01, and who practice predominantly cosmetic surgery. However, all qualified surgeons in plastic surgery with the National Council of the Order are not necessarily members of SOFCEP. (see Aesthetic Surgery in France). The rules of belonging to SOFCEP oblige its members to a strict ethical duty towards the public. In addition, the members of our Society commit themselves to ongoing training and the regular exchange of their knowledge. They forbid individual advertising, either directly or through a commercial company (Clinic, Institute, Manufacturer of surgical devices …). (see The traps of advertising). To address a member of the SOFCEP for an intervention of cosmetic surgery, it is:

  • Have the guarantee that the surgeon is a graduate, that is to say that he has a rigorous training
  • To have the certainty that he (or she) imposes a regular professional update
  • To be certain that he or she has the rules of practice set out in the SOFCEP Charter.

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